Controlling communication channels

Whether it is a message in a portal, an email or a traditional letter, we can help you share information in a way that is appropriate for the recipient.

Reducing paper piles

We support you in reducing the amount of paper in your daily work.

Identifying and digitising workflows

Once the digital structure has been created, all documents and information
are available to everyone concerned - reliably and within seconds.

IT consulting in the patent system

Our profession

As IT professionals with a background in intellectual property law, we specialise in providing IT consulting and support to patent law firms and industrial patent departments.

Our offer to you

We speak your language, thanks to our knowledge of intellectual property and our day-to-day experience in supporting patent law firms and industrial patent departments. You tell us about your existing paper-based processes or tell us about new requirements. We will work with you to develop appropriate IT solutions and then implement them in your software or in a suitable software package. If you wish, we can also analyse your existing processes and data structures and make suggestions for improvement. We will also keep you informed of any procedural changes and new developments in the software used.



Ongoing support

Think of us as your partner when it comes to digitising your law firm. From brainstorming and design to implementation and ongoing support, we are here for you!


We can advise you on all aspects of IT-enabled process management, working with you to develop paperless processes and making recommendations based on best practice.


Based on existing or jointly developed process flows, we take care of the appropriate implementation in your software. Usability and traceability are our top priorities.

Ongoing support

We stay on the ball after consultation and implementation to ensure a continuous improvement process We will also keep you informed of any changes to regulations and software that we are aware of.

At your service - the cidora-Team

We are here to help you: Thomas Iversen, Daniel Exner, Volker Siegle, Andreas Hess (v.l.n.r)

Thomas Iversen

Daniel Exner

Volker Siegle

Andreas Hess